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My education is in geospatial sciences (MSc) and social sciences (PhD). I am a self-taught data visualisation specialist, using javascript libraries for mapping (GoogleMaps, Carto, Leaflet, and OL3) and graphing (D3). I use python and pandas to analyse text and numbers.

This personal blog hosted on github and powered by pelican is meant to write about the how of my projects. It's very easy to update and to integrate python notebooks.

I also have a website, built with wordpress, where I write about present my projects. I have a portfolio, which includes a gallery of static maps, and D3 projects.

The configuration of this blog

I use pelican, with a tailored version of Alchemy (Bootstrap4 based theme).

It is hosted on github, where I have two repository: the entire pelican code is on helenedraux.github.io-src; the output folder is a submodules with its own repository on helenedraux.github.io. I think it's the best way to have pelican under git.

I used tutorials from ptyagicodecamp to learn how to publish pelican on github with two repositories. Great automating script!

Unless they are screenshots or logos, most of my images come from unsplash.com.